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Zen Eating Session

Hold ONLINE workshops and corporate private classes of mindful eating meditation based on Zen Buddism in English.
Zen Eating to Enrich Your Life!


Looking for a 1-hour virtual corporate mindful meditation activity?
Virtual zen eating is suitable for a team building or a group wellness activity.

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The online experience for lunch break activity at your conference and webinar.

Virtual zen eating is suitable for a deep relaxation at a break time or a wellness activity.

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Graduated from Chuo University, the Faculty of International Policy Studies.

After working at Hoshino Resort Wellness dept and Cookpad, she now hosts Zen Eating providing mindfulness practice through food.

While living in India for two years, she stayed with Indian families and learnt cooking🌏

Zen Eating is a good way to contribute world peace, because it promotes peace of mind through food. She enjoys exploring philosophy.

Audio guided meditation Zen Eating​

Click here to listen to my guide on the Insight Timer


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