Book for a corporate virtual Mindful Eating Meditation (Zen Eating) session

Looking for a 1-hour virtual corporate mindful meditation activity at breakfast, lunch, or dinner? 

Let Momo host your team for a powerful meditation combined with eating that will send your employees into a relaxed and recharged state.

Virtual zen eating is suitable for a team bonding or a wellness activity.

As we usually eat on autopilot, we fail to tap into our five senses and fail to forge deeper connection with ourselves and others. In our sessions, you will learn to make eating a deeply rooted sensory experience.

As senses expand, participants feel openness in their hearts especially after having the same experience in silence. 

This openness helps to get to know co-workers on a personal level.
It breaks down barriers among co-workers and them having better communication.
Result in a better sense of connectedness.

I have received favorable reviews from many of the companies that their staff have become naturally engaging with each other.

We recommend this activity at break time like lunch, dinner but also good for switching your mind at a tea time.

I am accepting groups up to 100! Message me about group discounts or to request a time that suits your team!

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What will you do?

The zen eating workshop is a 30minute to an hour experience of having a mindful eating meditation and circling -in which all participants, regardless of company position, engage in an open discussion.

Please enjoy sharing the relaxed and energizing time with your teammates.

You will realize the team starts to become sincerely expressive, and how their faces have softened after this experience.

About Zen Eating

Zen Eating is a meal-initiated work of calming the mind, meditative mealtime with zen elements.

We don’t pay attention to the meals in today’s busy world, but I believe that eating in a relaxed manner can give us a hint on how to enrich our daily lives.

I would be happy if we could share the time to rediscover the joy of living by eating and sharpening our five senses.

In the last four months, Zen Eating online had more than 500 guests from 30 countries.

It has also been adopted as a corporate team building and wellness program.


4.99 stars out of 5 by over 150 participants!

Reviews from team leaders

Zen eating with Momo was great for a team event with co-workers.It was just the perfect amount of time we needed to step back and relax. Momo did a wonderful job in guiding us through an enjoyable and calming experience. My co-workers enjoyed their time as well. We highly recommend it!

Team Leader, Australia, August 2020

Our team had issues under the work from home environment especially lack of the connection among team members. In fact, some of them felt mental fatigue. One of the team leaders from my company recommended this zen eating experience for “team bonding and boosting staff morale”. My team and I enjoyed and found zen eating as a unique and amazing experience for us!

Team Leader, Top IT Company from Silicon Valley U.S.A, September 2020

Wonderful experience! Momo helped us with our team bonding.

Team Leader, Venture Capital from Singapore, July 2020

Reviews from the participants

During the session, I realized I am truly enjoying my dinner without stressing over my accumulated work tasks. I’ve learned how to concentrate on eating and be present today. This is a good way to practice mindfulness in my daily life.

August 2020

Zen Eating can help you to have a better cycle of your whole life both on a personal and professional level by learning how to slow down and meditating while eating.

This is a perfect activity for team bonding and wellness for your team!
I hope you will find it useful for team performance!


Trial Zen Eating 

1hour session for a group

Up to 10 participants … 300 USD
Up to 30 participants… 900 USD (Regular price) →Group discount 800 USD 
Up to 100 participants…3000 USD(Regular price)→Group discount 250 USD

*Private group only

Zen Eating booking of 3 coupons

For 3 sessions (Valid for 1 year)

Up to 10 participants for 3 sessions… 900 USD
Up to 100 participants for 3 sessions…..9000 USG(Regular price)→Group discount 5000 USD

Participants can be from different teams each time too.

*Private group only

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Ask More Available Dates as I am very flexible